It’s the set of projects dedicated to a target audience under 18 it’s aimed at their involvement in sports through the teaching of football promoted by AC Milan and the preparation of all the players involved.

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Come and enjoy a great experience at the Milan Summer Camp.

The AC Milan Academy - Summer Camp is the official vacation experience of AC Milan, where soccer and entertainment become the main protagonists

The Milan Summer Camps are organized in different locations all around the world. It’s a one week Program

Going to a Milan Summer Camp means to live an experience that will guarantee sports, a healthy environment, security, entertainment and education, all at the same time. All these ingredients are put together in order to teach high quality soccer

Regarding sport camps dedicated to young people, AC Milan is the leading team among all clubs with over 10 years of experience in this field

It is a technical and tactical training week organized for groups of players of the same age who want to live a real AC Milan Experience at the Vismara Sports Centre, Italy. The heart of our Academy .